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Private Personal Training

Enjoy one on one, private personal training with a certified personal trainer. Each 55 minute training session is specifically designed to meet your individual health and fitness goals.

Semi-Private Personal Training

Share the cost by working out in a small group of two to four people. These workouts have the benefits of private training but at a lower cost and with the support that comes with working out with others. In these 55 minute training sessions, the trainer is using sensible fitness programming that is then tailored for each individual.

Group Team Training

We offer three levels of group training. Each training session may have 10 to 20 people working out in a small group together. Our Essentials training gives our members the best materials and instructions on how to build a strong and healthy body. These members may be new to exercise or in post rehabilitation. In our Foundations training, our members practice exercises that will improve strength, cardiovascular fitness, and core stability. Our MetaBlast training is for members who want to gain strength through a high intensity circuit training course that will blast fat and boost metabolism. This session emphasizes strength training, interval based cardiovascular endurance, and fat metabolism.

Post-Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention

We pride ourselves on offering compassionate and effective care. We offer wellness & fitness consulting rather than treatment oriented services to help you recover faster and feel better. We are dedicated towards helping you live your life pain-free with increased mobility and motion.

Athletic Performance

Personal training for ultimate sports performance is one of our expertise. We not only consider the age, stage in life, and fitness level of each of our clients, we also have a specific awareness of what type of athletic training each person is aiming for. Do you seek a better golf game? Are you getting prepared for an upcoming half-marathon? Are you a college volleyball player? We know how to design the appropriate work out for you.

Nutrition Support

We can connect you with the appropriate professionals. Focus on reconnecting with who you really are. We will help you identify patterns of behavior, how they affect your decisions, and how to change them. Our goal is to help you build a solid foundation based on nutrition and holistic practices to best suit your individual lifestyle.

Massage Therapy

Whether you are recovering from surgery, have a sports-related injury, or would like to relieve stress, massage therapy will benefit you. Research establishes that regular massage therapy improves range of motion, reduces recovery time, and increases muscle tone and flexibility.

“I went from a size 14 to a size 8. I have seen improvements in my strength, endurance, my overall health, and even my mood. I stay motivated because I like feeling strong and healthy and want to maintain that.”

— Yvette