Message from Jim & Kathy

As the year draws to an end we want to say “THANK YOU” to all of you, and our Staff for hanging in there with us through this challenging year.
The Pandemic has affected us all in ways that we could never have imagined. We have endured shutdowns, and mandates that have pushed us to find new and creative ways to keep our doors open.
Without our amazing Team and loyal members we would not be able to continue to provide the high quality training services that separate us from others in the industry.
Next year we are entering our tenth year of business and we are as excited about the future as we were when we first opened.
We truly appreciate our employees, love coming to work every day, and are grateful to all our our Fitness Friends who together make Village Fitness such a special place.

Message from Joe:

Here is a quick message from your Fitness Manager. Another month has passed us by and we are in the midst of the holiday season. We have all survived Thanksgiving, some of us possibly better than others, but now is a good time to get the diet back in line and the exercise routine back into the normal cycle.

If you are participating in the Food for Fat Fundraiser, just a friendly reminder that the finish line is slightly less than two weeks away. If you would like to check in or sit down to talk about your progress, let me know (I am open to meet with anyone, not just Food for Fat participants).

It is important to sit down to set new goals or to refocus on old ones.

I also want to let everyone know that we are handing out flyers for discounted sessions here at Seascape Village Fitness so be sure to give the gift of fitness to yourself, a family member, and/or a friend this holiday season. The flyer will have some coupons that apply to members and non-members alike.

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving, time to stay fit for the winter holidays ahead.

Message from Jen:

Happy Holidays Seascape. I want to wish you all a terrific end to the year, and what a turbulent year it has been. These strange times have really cultivated what an incredible pod of incredible people who have stuck with it and progressed here at the training center. We are wearing masks, cleaning, open doors, turn our fans on, gel in and gel out, wash our hands, take temperatures upon entering, and track our numbers with our small groups. Thank you for doing your part, we are all safer when we do our part and trust our training, trainers, and fellow workout friends. I am very grateful for all of you. I’m looking forward to a wonderful New Year- 2021, with all of you.