Message from Jim & Kathy

Happy Valentines Day from your health and wellness team at Seascape Village Fitness center. We appreciate your commitment to our fitness center, the community of Seascape, and to your own personal health. The importance of consistent, moderate to vigorous exercise, including cardiovascular and resistance training is well documented.

The American Heart Association has set guidelines for heart health, which we at the center consider very important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is fitting that the American Heart Association has chosen February to represent Heart Health Month as it is also the month that we celebrate Valentines Day. During the next 3 weeks, red hearts will be used to express love and care for millions of people. We exchange cards, emoji’s, candy, and gifts with red hearts plastered all over them.

This month we are encouraging all of you to bring a friend and/or family member with you to our Zoom and Outdoor workouts for FREE. We are doing this to say Thank you to you for supporting our business as well as giving you an opportunity to share the “Love of Fitness” with those you care about. We also recognize that your success will be greater if you have a workout buddy to help motivate you to get to the center for a training session.

Please use this great offer to help your friends, family, and yourself live a heart healthy lifestyle.