Tomorrow Starts Today

Benjamin Franklin once said; “With adversity comes opportunity.” The Pandemic

of 2020 is one of the most challenging experiences that most of us have ever faced.

Our lives, livelihoods, and lifestyles were dramatically affected and many have

suffered greatly. Some of us have lost friends and family members and collectively

we are saddened by these losses. But, the Optimist always looks for the silver

lining; the light of the sun rising amidst the stormy clouds. With the rollout of the

vaccines, many are starting to feel “alive” and hopeful again. There is a sense that,

the worst is behind us and that better times lay ahead. Though this is true, we must

continue to “stay the course” and follow the recommendations our health experts

until we are truly “out of the woods.”

As we reflect on the adversity of this past year, it is important to know that oppor

tunity is there for those who seek it. Whatever your personal challenge, there is a

lesson to be learned from those experiences, and taking action is the key to growth

and success. The Pandemic has reminded me that we are social beings and that

we need each other. It feels unnatural and unhealthy to isolate and not interact

closely with our friends and family. This is an area that I personally struggled with.

I just missed a good hug and seeing my friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and

clients. My community felt so far away and I suspect that many of you felt the same

way. The recent increase in reported cases of anxiety, depression and suicide are

all indicators that support the fact that we need each other. The good news is that

the vaccine and the preventive measures that we all have endured are working and

hopefully we will be able to safely gather together again soon.

It was also reaffirmed to me that, a healthy body is better able to fight off infection

and disease. As a Physical Therapist and Fitness Professional I observe that reg

ular physical activity and exercise, combined with a good diet, contributes to good

health. Consistent exercise reduces stress, boost the immune system, prevents

weight gain, decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease, improves mood and

energy levels, reduces joint pain, and strengthens bones. Of course, there are many

health conditions that people are born with or are a result of unavoidable injury or

trauma; however, it is commonly agreed upon that lifestyle behaviors do contribute

to ones overall health profile. The CDC even estimates that about forty percent of

U.S. deaths caused by heart disease, cancer, chronic respiratory disease, stroke

and unintentional injury are caused by lifestyle choices, and are preventable. Thus

living a healthy and active lifestyle does supports longevity.

If you currently find yourself anxious, depressed or physically unhealthy after this

challenging year, please consider getting some help. First, start by seeing your

Medical Doctor to evaluate your physical and mental health. It’s important to be

screened for any major health issues as sometimes serious illness can remain

silent, or have symptoms that are misinterpreted. If necessary, seek treatment

from a qualified Therapist to help rehabilitate that physical or emotional challenge

that is holding you back. Perhaps consider joining a gym, hiring a Personal Trainer

or finding a Dietitian to help you get on track with your health and fitness goals.

Maybe, just try taking more walks and spending more time outdoors enjoying the

sunshine. Say “Hi” to a neighbor or reach out to someone in need. You will quickly

find that you are not alone.

This Pandemic, as challenging and tragic as it is; it is nearly behind us and it is full

of life lessons. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives; so let’s take Benjamin

Franklin’s advice and use the adversities of 2020 into inspiration us to find new

purpose and opportunities for tomorrow.

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Jim Tucker PT, OCS

Owner of TheraFit Inc.

Seascape Village Fitness Center.