I’ve been a member of Seascape Village Fitness (SVF) for over five years and workout 3-5 days per week. Prior to joining SVF, I would get injured easily, especially my knees. I also needed a weekly adjustment at the chiropractor for issues related to scoliosis. But since joining SVF, I haven’t been slowed down by injury or needed a chiropractic adjustment! The membership at SVF really pays for itself!
The types of training (cardio, core, balance, flexibility and strength) make it possible for me to golf, SUP, sail, hike, garden and be active around the house. I’m not afraid to lift 40-pound bags of dirt in the garden, move furniture or lift heavy boxes. In addition to playing golf several times per week with some amazing gals from the gym and having plenty of energy to walk the course. It’s great fun!
When the shelter-in-place started in early March, I panicked… worried I’d get out-of-shape and put on weight. But the team at SVF jumped into action, setting up Zoom workouts, sharing equipment, and encouraging members to stay active! In just a few days, we were seeing friends from the gym online, exercising and being motivated by Joe’s daily emails. Then Jen joined full-time and shared her awesome training techniques and contagious enthusiasm. So, while many of my non-SVF friends lost access to their gyms and got out-of-shape, quickly, SVF members were able to stay physically strong.
When Seascape Village Fitness says TRAINING FOR LIFE, that’s the truth! Staying fit for life’s activities, for the long haul. Thanks Team SVF.