We are so happy summer is here, aren’t you? There is no real way to describe the joy of living where many people vacation! The late evening walks are my favorite. I love the fact that the sun is still giving a golden glow long after dinner.

You know what else I’m happy about? The upcoming summer Fit-Camps! This is a great opportunity for me (and you, and your friends) to enjoy personal training on a semi-private level for a great promotional rate. Basically it’s an opportunity to get cracking! (So much for visiting the gym once a week…or once a month.) Now’s the time to get fit, get healthy, and enjoy the life we have here.

The fit-camps are available for six weeks beginning July 3 or July 17. If you’ve been needing some extra kick, or if you’d like to tell a friend or two to join you for these six weeks, this is a great time. You will receive a free physical assessment to determine your fitness goals, talk about past injuries, reveal your struggles. A personal trainer will walk you through some basics for the classes. Then get started! You have access to unlimited group training sessions, and if you’d like the “elite” package, you can get semi-private training sessions as well. For six whole weeks!

I’m excited for this! Hope you’ll join me for the fit-camp. Give the gym a call to register!