If you are struggling with allergies this time of the year, try out our Online Program and workout in the comfort of your own home.

Join our daily ZOOM & YouTube workouts

Come join the Seascape Village Fitness Online Workout Community. 

Our web-based training sessions are approximately 55 minutes in length. All of the workouts are designed with functional training in mind and are balanced and incorporate full body movement patterns.
Minimal equipment is needed to participate in these workouts. If you don’t have a resistance band or weights you can use household items such as canned food, water bottles, laundry detergent, bricks, milk jugs, etc.

When demonstrating each exercise the Trainer will offer modifications to make the exercise more challenging or easier in order to cater to all fitness levels. The Trainer will also provide verbal feedback and visual demonstrations, in real time, for each exercise along with individualized feedback to participants as needed.

Come join us in our Virtual Training Center.  

New Client Special

3 Private Training Sessions

for $120.00

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