Our annual “Fat for Food” Fundraiser is designed to bring awareness and to raise money for the Pajaro Valley Loaves and Fishes organization. Their Mission is to alleviate hunger among poor working families, farm workers, the elderly, the disabled, and homeless people of the Pajaro Valley.

Each year we challenge our Members to lose as much weight as they can during the Holiday Season and we do this in honor of the hungry and homeless of our Community. Losing weight is a small price to pay when we know it is done to help others less fortunate.

All together, our participants lost a total of 55 lbs.

Seascape Village Fitness is donating $2 per lbs. lost for a total of $110. In addition, our members donated a $320 bringing us to a grand total of $430.00.

This donation will provide over 1,000 meals to local families in need.

Thank you all so much for your effort, donations, and support of our community!

Congratulations to Debbie Howard for winning this year’s Food For Fat challenge!

Debbie will receive a $25 gift card to Seascape Foods.