Message from Jim & Kathy

Dear Fitness Friends,
As we continue to navigate through the Pandemic together we are amazed at the dedication and commitment that all of you have to your health and fitness. So many of you have maintained or even improved your fitness level despite these unusual conditions. We appreciate your willingness to try new forms of exercise, as we create new venues to deliver our services. This Pandemic has forced us all to change our routines, and as a result, it has stimulated our minds and our bodies to be more flexible, creative and adaptable. Thank you for hanging in there with us, changing with the times, and for trusting us with your training.


Given the current state of affairs (COVID-19, Wild Fires, Weather, Politics, etc) it can be tough to maintain a positive outlook on a day to day basis. One simple fix is to maintain a consistent physical activity routine. Many of you are doing a great job of this by attending our In-person workouts, Zoom workouts, or following along to our recorded video library. If you do not have access to our Google Drive library of workout videos, shoot me an email and I will email you a link which will allow you access. If there is anything that the staff at SVF can do to enhance your exercise experience, please let us know. I look forward to seeing you all in person, or on the computer screen. Keep moving as it will help you stay positive through these challenging times.
Joe Strawn
Fitness Manager, BS, CPT, FMS


Happy September Team Seascape,
We are really looking forward to this month because we feel we have collectively captured how to be consistent with workouts and exercising during COVID and fires. With almost 6 months behind us of having to morph into however we can, to be our best with offerings of outdoor workouts, very small groups in our training sessions, on-line Zoom classes and communicating with all of you that we are excited to have on our team, holding you accountable to your health & fitness goals. We are in this together.
Coach Jen