Aptos Chamber of Commerce awarded 2018 Business of the Year to Seascape Village Fitness, for participating in numerous events to benefit the community, and raising thousands of dollars per year to support community organizations.

Seascape Village Fitness is a family run fitness center in Aptos, California. Owners Jim & Kathy Tucker speak about quality of service they offer and the community they support. Their members work and interact together at their fitness center, building relationships through fitness. Jim and Kathy share how they show their appreciation of their community through fundraising. They’ve been members of the Santa Cruz Children’s Charity, a Nonprofit Organization, since 2003. They use their Fitness Center as the gathering place for annual events. They’ve worked with ill children, The American Cancer Society, and local Aptos Schools. They want nothing but success for their members and their community, and feel as it is their job to give back.

Jim and Kathy share their philosophy, which is that safesensible, and moderate exercise on a consistent basis is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.