Seascape Village Fitness


Jim Tucker, PT, OCS and Kathy Tucker, RN, CMT

Owners Jim and Kathy Tucker opened Seascape Village Fitness with a philosophy of physical training and education for weight loss, recreation, and athletic performance. Jim is a board certified Orthopedic Physical Therapist and Kathy is an RN. Together they have over 50 years of medical experience. Over the last several years Jim and Kathy have created a physical training environment with trained staff who share the vision for expert professional services to help every member.

Accountability | Support | Results

Why do people stop exercising? Lack of motivation. People just like you have unique needs, and without a customized plan, results can be hard, if not impossible to reach. You can avoid frustration and the loss of motivation by relying on our well-planned fitness goals constructed especially for you. Our trainers hold you accountable. And not only that, you will find that you’ll receive a huge amount of support from the other members who have become a close community. Regularly working out with accountability and support means….results!

“The trainers and workouts are fun and stimulating. We look forward to the work outs, the staff, and the people who frequent the classes. It is an integral part of our lives now, and we really miss it when we cannot make a class. We love the fact that the facility and class structure are overseen by a talented physical therapist who cares about our welfare. We could not be happier. They truly make our life better is so many ways.” – Harolla S.

Voted 2018 Business of the Year by Aptos Chamber of Commerce!

Join us for the Annual Dinner Awards & Auction on October 26, 2018 @ 5:30pm